Bonaldo: double win at the GOOD DESIGN® 2018

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design awarded Bonaldo with two GOOD DESIGN® Awards 2018. The Panorama sofa, by French designer Fabrice Berrux, and the Blanket bed, by designer Alessandro Busana, won in the "Furniture" category, selected among projects from over 47 countries. This is the first recognition for both products, proof of high quality of both shape and design.
Now at its 68th edition, every year the GOOD DESIGN® awards the excellence of design worldwide, assessing products according to criteria of shape, innovation, materials and concepts. The GOOD DESIGN® winners will be included in the GOOD DESIGN® Yearbook for 2018-2019.
Panorama is a modular sofa with multiple composition possibilities. In addition to the sofa, the line includes armchairs and poufs and, as the designer Fabrice Berrux explains, «its geometric shape is an incentive to the juxtaposition of the different elements in order to transform the living area into the warmest and most welcoming space. I hope that Panorama creates connections: it was designed specifically to create collective spaces, islands of comfort, shelters to freely relax in, alone or in company».
In the Blanket bed the roles have been inverted and the blanket has been transformed from mere accessory to absolute protagonist. In fact, a large and soft quilt makes up the base of the bed, supporting the mattress and, from the foot of the bed, it has been folded over thus forming the headrest. «The bed is an object we interact with for a long period of time and with most of our body», says designer Alessandro Busana. «Making it comfortable not only materially but also in terms of perception seemed to me an essential starting point. Hence the choice of a blanket, considering the symbol it represents in the collective imagination».