Perfect imperfection: traditional Terrazzo Veneziano is brought back to life in the Fragment coffee tables

Indeed, Alain Gilles was inspired by the charming irregular texture achieved through a long and difficult working process resulting from impeccable tailoring, attention to detail and passion: chips of marble, a mixture of different-coloured granules and fragments covers a layer of cement (neutral or coloured) which is cured in a steel mould and subsequently polished smooth. It is this particularly elaborate process which makes terrazzo veneziano so fine: it takes two days of work to make one coffee table top. And that's not all: this material is one of the first examples of 'creative recycling' in history: it is a unique and romantic way to offer a fresh lease of life to these fragments, unusable waste materials, and make them precious. The origins of terrazzo veneziano date back to ancient Greece but, thanks to the Romans, it spread across Italy. The name, on the other hand, refers to the period of utmost splendour of Venice during the Italian Renaissance. The flooring of the palazzos in the area of Venice and the Triveneto region in the 1500s is just one of the many testimonies to its durability, a popular material used by entire generations which today is undergoing its own genuine renaissance.

The Fragment collection
The Fragment collection comes from the unexpected, as if its components had been found by chance in a craftsman's workshop and used to embellish something more important. It consists of three different sized coffee tables with an irregularly-shaped top placed above a metal load-bearing frame. The first two tops are made of different versions of Terrazzo, one with a neutral cement base with coloured grits, and the other with a pink cement base and neutral coloured fragments. The third coffee table features a mixture of materials with an astounding scenic effect, with a heat-treated wooden top, creating a contrast that emphasises the other two table tops even further. Imperfect differences that give rise to the perfection of a unique collection, an invitation from the Belgian designer to put together various layouts, giving free rein to creativity and to the possibility of being part of the design process. Three small masterpieces inspired by Venetian art, which blend in seamlessly with either a modern setting or a more classical one. In addition to paying tribute to tradition and to Bonaldo's homeland, the decision to introduce terrazzo veneziano in the 2018 collection reflects the brand's ongoing journey in the field of research and its ability to generate different expressive languages through unprecedented experimentation.